Earning of Wellness Points

  1. What are wellness points?
    Wellness points refer to program currency of RHealthCircle
  2. How can I check my wellness points?

    Once you log-in as a member, your wellness points summary will be displayed under the  'My Activity' section

  3. What is the expiry of my wellness points?

    Your wellness points will be valid for a period of 1 year, post which you will be notified to redeem the points before they lapse

  4. How frequently will my wellness points be updated?

    All wellness points earned in a month through various activities will be calculated and updated on the portal at the end of the month. 

RHealthCircle / Membership

  1. What is the RHealthCircle program?

    RHealthCircle is a program by Reliance General Insurance for wellness solutions. These solutions help an individual to participate in various activities that are beneficial to their health and in return earn points on participation.

  2. Who is eligible to participate?

    All the RGI Health Insurance customers who have a cover are eligible to participate.

  3. How do I register for the RHealthCircle program?

    You can log onto rhealthcircle.reliancegeneral.co.in to register for the program. Make sure you keep your Policy No. and UHID No. handy in order to register.

  4. Is there any membership fee for joining?

    There is no membership fee for joining the program.

  5. What type of rewards I can redeem here?

    You can redeem rewards across categories like fitness, entertainment, leisure, lifestyle, electronics, apparel and sports.


  1. How do I redeem my wellness points?

    You can redeem the wellness points by logging on to the portal on RHealthCircle website and clicking on the "Redeem Now" tab.

  2. What is the process for redemptions?

    You can redeem your wellness points from the rewards catalogue on the website. You have to select a voucher / product according to your available wellness point’s balance, proceed to confirm your delivery address/contact details & checkout after confirming the order.

  3. When will I receive my rewards?

    You will receive your reward within 10 working days of your order.

  4. Can I pay for item with cash if my wellness points are not sufficient?

    The RHealthCircle  programme only recognizes wellness points as a form of currency for redemption

  5. Can I exchange my reward for some other product once I receive it?

    Redeemed rewards once issued will not be changed and the member will not be entitled to any refund or credit for the same.


  1. How many points will I earn through various activities?

    Please refer to the section of Earning of wellness points (What are wellness points?)

  2. Will I get any discount on my RHealthCircle card?

    Yes, you will receive a discount if you show your RHealthCircle card on the following partners:

    • PORTEA: Avail 15% discount on medicines & 5% off over the counter, use promo code RGIL
    • LEMON GREEN FOODS: Avail 10% discount while you checkout use promo code RGIL
    • YOGA WITH DIET: Avail 10% discount while you book a Yoga session use promo code RGIL
  3. What if I haven’t received any points for activities performed?

    In case if you haven’t received any points for activities performed, you can write to us at  rhealthcircle@relianceada.com or call on 1800 3009.

  4. Where will I see my points credited?

    You can see your points’ details under the "My Activity" tab.

  5. Will I earn points on transactions made through RHealthCircle card?

    Yes. Please refer to the section of Earning of wellness points (What are wellness points?)